ECR Community

There are currently 23 National ECR Initiatives or organizations within Europe with different activity plans, business models and governance.
These initiatives gather over 1’800 leading companies as well as SMEs operating at national level, thus representing a critical mass within the consumer goods industry. These ECR initiatives are the voice of local business needs at international level.

To date, these ECR initiatives/organizations have issued more than 250 Best Practices blue books covering the different areas of the ECR strategy (demand, supply chain, enabling technologies, integrators) and optimizing other interface topics between manufacturers and retailers (OSA, Traceability, Sustainability, Category Management,  etc.). The National ECR have procured topics and speakers for the ECR Europe Conferences and Forums for years.

The national ECR initiatives are a loosely-knit network of organizations which meet together with the objective of sharing information about ECR best practices amongst themselves for the benefit of their organizations and their national company members. There is no top-down or bottom-up approaches between national initiatives/organizations. In 2001, they created a “National ECR Initiatives group”. This group works closely with ECR Europe by participating to or initiating working groups.