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There shall be two categories of membership - Full Membership and Associate Membership.

  • The Full Membership shall include manufacturers, retailers and ECR Country Boards representatives on the ECR AP Council.  Only members of Full Membership Category are entitled to vote at ECR Asia Pacific Council meetings.
  • The Associate Membership shall include solution providers, importers, distributors, logistics providers, consulting companies and education institutions. Members of the Associated Membership Category are not eligible to vote.
All companies are eligible to join ECR AP as members.  Except for co-chairs of ECR AP Country Board who are admitted directly to the council, all other council members are elected from ordinary members whose companies they represent have no outstanding annual subscription fees.  Co-chairs of ECR AP Country Boards may appoint an alternate to participate in ECR AP Council meetings.
All companies wanting to participate in various working groups of ECR AP Council, need to be a paid member of ECR AP Council, either as a Full Member or an Associate Member.
A company can join ECR AP as a member without the need to have a representative on the Council.   However, all Council members must be paid Members.
Membership fees:
- All members pay one time entrance fee and an annual fee.
- The Full Membership annual fee is S$8,500.00 plus GST.
- The Associate Membership annual fee is the same as that for Full Membership.
- For the permanent representatives of ECR Asia Pacific Country Boards the annual fee is waved.  This is because they are already contributing to ECR Asia Pacific Council in finance resources and manpower resources by providing leadership in various working groups and by organizing ECR activities at country levels.
- The entrance fee is the same amount as the annual fee.
Approval of Membership Applications
All applications for membership are subjected to acceptance and approval by the ECR Asia Pacific Council.

If you have questions on your membership coverage or are interested to know more about membership opportunities for your company, please do not hesitate to contact