ECR Europe Forum ‘11. BO4.1 - Shrinkage: who really pays?

Traditionally shrinkage has been seen exclusively as a retailer problem. But growing awareness of its negative impact on the shopper experience now means manufacturers must also think critically about it. This highly interactive session provides thoughtful and practical insights into how effective shrinkage management can be delivered through innovative retailer/manufacturer collaboration.

The session includes:
• Recognising the value of prioritising shrinkage management in your business
• Case studies in retailer-manufacturer collaboration to tackle shrinkage
• Designing product packaging to minimise shrinkage
• Understanding the risks and opportunities of self-scan checkouts
• Identifying and responding to the top 50 hot products in retailing.
Participants gain an understanding of the scale and extent of shrinkage and the opportunity for profit growth, learn the value of retailers and manufacturers working together to produce sustainable and longer-lasting solutions to shrinkage, and get valuable insights into how self-scan checkout technologies need to be managed to reduce their potential impact on shrinkage.

Speakers: Abel Blaauw, Albert Heijn; Wybren Vlaskamp, AS Watson; Colin Peacock, P&G; Adrian Beck, University of Leicester; representative of Diageo.

Facilitated by ECR Europe and University of Leicester.

Download Who Really Pays the Price Presentation