GS1 Belgilux Coupon Data Pool

Although coupons are a very important aspect of the Belgian retail industry, the handling and clearing of coupons remains very old fashioned.  Today, all coupons are manually verified at the check-out, collected by the retailer and counted at the clearing center. This process is very costly, time-consuming and error-prone. GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg therefore decided to implement the concept of a Coupon Data Pool.

In the future all coupons will be created, processed and cleared electronically via the Coupon Data Pool. The main innovation of the Coupon Data Pool lies in the fact that every coupon will be linked to the GTIN of the purchased product. This link ensures that a product has to be purchased in order for the coupon to be redeemed. A prerequisite for this system is that all coupon issuers will have to upload their products in a GDSN Data Pool like the CDB of GS1 Belgilux. This process will give data synchronization in Belgium an important boost both in number of users and in terms of data quality.

So far, Delhaize and Carrefour announced that they will go live with the Coupon Data Pool in the spring of 2011. On 31 May last all coupon issuers were invited to a learning session about how to prepare themselves in an efficient and timely matter, starting with the GDSN data input. 

All parties can expect important benefits:  for suppliers the process will be less costly, the misredemption will be minimal and reporting will be faster and more accurate whilst retailers will benefit from lower costs, a faster check-out procedure and a better cash-flow.

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