ECR Europe 2012 Conference: What's next

There’s more than one way of looking into the future. A crystal ball is one, tea leaves are another. Or of course you could try a pack of cards.
At our conference in May, the new ECR Europe co-chairs will adopt a rather more fact-based approach when they consider the not-so-small matter of our industry’s future.
They will have at their fingertips the findings of a new McKinsey survey conducted throughout Europe on the adoption, use and benefits of ECR practices and the implications for the next 10 years.
The co-chairs – Thomas Hübner, Executive Director for Europe at Carrefour Group, and Jan Zijderveld, President Europe for Unilever – will open proceedings by examining the findings and setting out their strategic vision and views on the power of collaboration.
In a conference whose theme is
ECR: The next generation, the survey should focus minds admirably.

Crystal balls may be more fun, but you really cannot beat facts and figures. To hear them for yourself, go to and reserve your place.