On Shelf Avalibility in Asia Pacific

ECR Asia Pacific announces today the publication of On Shelf Availability in Asia Pacific
Retailers and Manufacturers in APAC are realizing the importance of On Shelf Availability (OSA) in an industry where vertical integration is limited, and parties have to rely on each other to achieve their respective goals. This goal is now a common one: shopper and consumer satisfaction, which can only be achieved by ensuring high levels of collaboration and adopting a common methodology to approaching issues.
Over 2011 and 2012, 51 manufacturers and retailers from 14 different countries participated in the first ECR APAC wide On-Shelf Availability survey, investigating the perception of OSA within APAC as well as the critical success factors and key barriers to reducing out of stocks. The outcomes of the survey combined with insights from a series of 1on1 interviews were the basis of the ECR APAC OSA report which outlines the key findings and the future agenda for change. 

Full report can be downloaded from
APAC ECR OSA Report 2012.pdf
05/29/2015 11:56:56
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