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Efficient Unit Loads


by A.T. Kearney (1997)

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Efficient Unit Loads are absolutely key in improving transport, storage and handling efficiency across the total supply chain.

Unit loads play a key role across the supply chain, grouping primary and transport products to facilitate transport and handling.

Used by manufacturers. retailers and service providers, unit loads are key cost drivers. They impact on transport, storage, handling and packaging, which together, represent 12-15% of retail sales price. Developing more Efficient Unit Loads is critical to the success of ECR and is estimated to save 1.2% of retail sales price.

Efficient Unit Loads impact 12-15% of retail sales price. Savings opportunities represent 1.2% of retail sales price.

The Efficient Unit Loads (EUL) project is one of three ECR Europe supply side projects, whose ultimate objective is supply chain integration. This can only be achieved by harmonising physical aspects of the supply chain.


ECR Europe Category Management Best Practices Report (1997)


by The Partnering Group & Roland Berger & Partners (1997)
Category Management offers a means of managing the complex changes that are occurring in consumer needs and shopping behaviour. Integrating four central strategies of ECR - Replenishment, Promotion, Store Assortment and Product Introduction - it provides a working environment whereby the benefits achievable for particular categories can be maximised within a framework of supplier/retailer cooperation. This can act as a driver for change that not only provides cost savings, but also increases turnover, profit and market share....

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