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ECR AP Forum '08

The Winning Recipes for the 2nd Decade of ECR

October 15 - 17,  2008 Convention Centre at Central World

Bangkok, Thailand

Day 1

Seminars & Workshops dedicated to Smaller Enterprises

1st Stream:

A Closer Look at Logistics Cost

Assoc. Prof. Ruth Banomyong(PhD), Director, Centre for Logistics Research, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

2nd Stream:

Global Data Synchronization Network Workshop

Mr. Alan Hyler, Director – Program Management, GDSN Inc.,

Mr. Luiz Martins, 1SYNC

Ms. Eva Chang, GS1 Taiwan

Ms. Mami Sou, Assistant General Manager, GCI Japan

3rd Stream:

3.1. Real Benefits from Pallet Standardization – A Case Study

Mr. John Talbot, CEO – Logistics Consulting Asia

Mr. David Edwards, General Manager – Business Development, Loscam Asia

3.2. Balance Demand & Supply with Traditional Sole Distributor

Mr. Damrong Piyanitdamrong, Director, Uni-Charm (Thailand)

Mr. Vichien Santimahakullert, Marketing Director, Osotsp

4th Stream:

4.1. Optimizing – Managing the Returnable Packaging in the Supply Chain

Mr. Jeffrey Wong, CHEP SEA Director

4.2. A Show Case on Transportation Management using RFID Technology

Mr. Guenther Nadolny, Managing Director, Vinythai

5th Stream:

5.1. e-Collaboration on Asia Pallet Pool System

Mr. An Sik Kwon (PhD), Senior Managing Director, LogisALL International Co., Ltd., Korea

Mr. Toshifumi Okabe, Executive Director, Japan Pallet Rental Corp.

5.2. Sharing Experience of Internet Based Machine-to-Machine XML-EDI

Mr. Kazuyuki Minato, AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd. and Mr. Shingo Tamura, Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd.

6th Stream:

Retail Theatre : Influencing Shopping Behavior Through Context and Environment

Mr. Kevin Ervin Kelley, Shook Kelley

Day 2

Plenary Session 1

GCI 2018 --- The Findings of the 2018 Study

Dr. Gerd Wolfram, Managing Director, MGI Metro Group Information Technology GmbH

Mr. Nigel Bagley, Director, Global Customer Development, Unilever

Plenary Session 2

Development of Grocery Shopping and the Retail Trade in Asia

Mr. Peter Gale, Managing Director, Retailer Service, Asia Pacific, Nielsen

Plenary Session 3

Sharing Recipes for Staying Competitive – Sustainability

Mr. John Jackson, Managing Partner, Consumer Goods & Services High Performance Practice, Accenture

Plenary Session 4

Opening Afternoon Plenary Session – A Keynote Speaker on Supply Chain and Customer Collaboration from DHL Exel Supply Chain

Mr. Paul H. Graham, Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific

Plenary Session 5

Changing the Game with Your Customers - A Supply Chain Strategy in Action

Mr. Jeffrey Russell, Managing Partner, Supply Chain Asia Pacific & Consumer Goods Industry ASEAN, Accenture with a representative from L’Oreal

Plenary Session 6

The Consumer Products Industry, Competing in a Changing World

Mr. Patrick Medley, Global Consumer Products Industry Leader, IBM Business Consulting Services

Plenary Session 7

The War for Talent in the 21st Century – A Panel Discussion

Ms. Apolonia Kersch, Managing Partner, Consumer Goods & Services, Accenture Asia Pacific, as Moderator

Mr. Mark Daniel, CEO Loscam Ltd.

Mr. Joaquin Sanchez, Finance Systems Director – Asia Pacific, Diageo

Mr. Keith Bartlett, Director of Group IT & Logistics, As Watsons Group

Ms. Sabine Ritter, General Manager, GCI

Day 3

Plenary Session 8

GCI 2008 Work Group on Global Data Synchronization: Achievements and Experience Sharing from the Implementation in Europe, and Next Steps for a Successful Implementation in Asian Countries

Xavier Hua, Carrefour

Plenary Session 9

Product Traceability and Food Safety

Mr. Chatta Udomwongsa, Director, FXA

Mr. Chris Cave Jones, IBM Consumer Products Solutions  Leader, Asia-Pacific

Plenary Session 10

ECR Asia Pacific “Winning Recipe” Award Contests

Breakout Session 1

Session 1.1 : A Collaborative Showcase on “On Shelf Availability”

Mr. Marek Rucinski, Partner, Products Operation Group, Accenture

Session 1.2 : Mobile Commerce

Ms. Diane Taillard, Solutions Director, GS1, Global Office

Session 1.3 : For SMEs - Pallet Pooling for Better Logistics Efficiency

Mr. Mark Dobson, Regional Operations Manager, Loscam Asia

Session 1.4 : Water Environments and Accelerated Change of Consumer Response Retailer

Ms. Yuka Kanehara of Izumiya Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Mr. Hiroshi Takano, Aqua Image Inc.

Breakout session 2:

Session 2.1 : Bronze Winning Recipe – “Recipe to Build Detergent Category Sales: Enhancing Display Impact to Drive Basket Size” by Central Food Retail and Kao Thailand

representative from Kao Commercial, Thailand

Session 2.2 : Bronze Winning Recipe – “Creating Sustainable Growth thru Collaborative Innovation” by Lotte Mart Korea and Yuhan-Kimberly

Mr. Jae Won Oh, Category Development Team Leader

Mr. Jae Young Lee, Category Analyst, Yuhan-Kimberly, Korea

Session 2.3 : Bronze Winning Recipe – “P&G – Metro Supply Chain Performance Improvement Project” by Metro and P&G China

Mr. Terry Tang, Associate Director, CBD, P&G China

Mr. Denny Yang, Head of Supply Chain Management, Metro China

Session 2.4 : Collaboration on Supply Chain Financing between Retailer and Supplier

Kasikorn Bank

Plenary Session 11

ECR Asia Pacific CEO forum “The 2nd Decade of ECR”

Mr. Chris Cave Jones, IBM Consulting Services

Mr. Philip W. Cox, Executive Commercial Director, Dry Food, Non Food and Supply Chain Management, Siam Makro

Mr. Roger Luo, Vice General Manager - Operations, Beijing Hualian Group

Mr. John M. Miller, Chairman and CEO Nestle Indochina

Mr. Norihiko Takagi, President, International Business – Consumer Products, Kao Corporation

Mr. Barron Witherspoon, Vice President Procter & Gamble Asia & Co-Chairman, ECR Asia Pacific Executive Council