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ECR Baltic Forum '09

The 2009 ECR Baltic Forum in Riga focused on internal and external operations efficiency as a way of growing the business. The objective of the Forum was to understand how technologies can help to improve supply chain efficiency in the FMCG sector and the importance of understanding the shopper. During the one day event practical solutions from retailers and suppliers were analyzed to understand how collaboration can help grow the business through more efficient work and fulfill consumer wishes on a higher level - better, faster and aiming at right direction.

BLOCK 1: Economic Outlook by Experts

The Latvian Economy Post-2009: L-, U-, or V- typed Development?

Morten Hansen (Stockholm School of Economics in Riga; NMS Consulting)

Estonian Economy: Recent Trends and Their Impact on Consumption

Maris Lauri (Swedbank)

Driving Economic Recovery: A Global, European and Lithuanian Perspective

Rasa Zemaityte (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania)

How to Behave Towards the Competition: Price Negotiations & Trade Terms

Pekka Puolakka (Sorainen Law Offices)

BLOCK 2: Changing Consumer

Consumers' Reasons for Buying Private Label Brands – Empirical Findings

Gianfranco Walsh (University of Koblenz-Landau)

The Challenges of Category Management

Paris Galanis`EE(Nielsen Company)

Shopper Behavior During Economic Downturn

Jyrki Karlsson (Unilever)

Store as a Medium to Reach the Shopper

Dariusz Chlus (Procter & Gamble)

BLOCK 3: Efficiency, Supply Chain, Innovation

Responsive Supply Chain- Competitive Advantage for all the Links of the Chain

Nerius Jasinavicius (TOC Solutions Lithuania)

Bar Code Quality Assessment at Point of Sales

Gatis Pakalnieks (Supernetto) & Edgars Pentjušs (GS1 Latvija)

Measuring for supply-chain optimization

Elīna Spūle (Agile & Co) & Andis Kļaviņš (Premia FFL)

Decreasing Warehouse Costs

Leo Mikkonen (Optiscan)

Steps Towards the Future FMCG Supply Chain

Claus-Jürgen Garbisch (DHL)

New Ways to Reach Consumers: Mobile Commerce Extended Packaging

Joe Horwood (GS1 Global Office)

BLOCK 4: Competitive Advantage for the Future

Business Leadership in a Dynamic, Competitive Environment

Aldis Greitāns (Itella Information)

Green Needs Business: Development through Challenges

Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere (Madara Ecocosmetics)

Philosophy of Tomorrow: Mindset Changing towards Green

Christoph Thünemann (Havi Logistics)