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ECR Europe ‘06 [Stockholm]

Sweden – land of the midnight sun – threw its inspirational light on ECR Europe for three days at the end of May 2006 when Stockholm played host to the organisation’s 11th annual Conference & Marketplace.

More than 2,300 delegates from 45 countries, including several hundred from the Nordic states, filled the Stockholmsmässan convention centre. They heard nearly 200 speakers address the most pressing consumer and supply chain issues facing the fast moving consumer goods industry today.

Download the full Stockholm Conference Report.

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Plenary sessions

P1 - The Nordic model

P1 - Ikea

P1 - ICA

P2 - How innovation drives sustainable growth

P2 - Innovation through superior consumer insights

P2 - The Global Idea Factory

P3 - The perfect store

P4 - Premium style

P4 - Releasing greater value, a store at a time

P4 - Riding the waves with style

People Development Forum

PDF - Introduction

PDF - Collaborative learning programme

PDF - Learning in practice-Sweden

PDF - Progressive Management Programme

PDF - Conclusion

Breakout sessions

BO1.1 - Lean Consumption – Lean Thinking implemented in strategic practice

BO1.2 - On-shelf availability - making it happen together

BO1.3 - Managing visibility, quality and safety in the supply chain: the GS1 Traceability Standard

BO1.4 - ECR - What is ECR? What is best practice?

BO2.1 - Unlock the upstream potential of your supply chain

BO2.2 - Shelf-ready packaging - who benefits

BO2.3 - Category Management - innovation and diversity across Europe

BO2.4 - Cutting-edge innovation driven by consumer insights

BO2.5 - The Case for ECR - driving implementation

BO3.1 - Demand-driven supply chains - why did we forget about the consumer?

BO3.2 - The three golden rules of Global Data Synchronisation

BO3.3 - Collaborative supply chain efforts - are they really working?

BO3.4 - The Global Idea Factory - part 1 - Claessens-Erdmann

BO3.4 - The Global Idea Factory - part 2 - L'Oreal

BO3.4 - The Global Idea Factory - part 2 - Food Lion

BO3.5 - Exploiting information technology to drive business results - today and tomorrow

BO3.6 - Innovative consumer-friendly packaging

BO4.1 - Shrinkage - the last free money on the table

BO4.2 - EPC - the answer to your basic supply chain questions

BO4.3 - Data sharing - collaborating for category growth

BO4.4 - Joint value creation beyond price

BO4.5 - Health and Wellness - are we adequately prepared?

What the delegates said:

Ragnar Landin, AxFood Närlivs AB, Sweden

"The conference is all about inspiration – and it has certainly inspired me. I thought the Volvo car seminar was really good. For me it was an example of thinking out of the box."

Stephanie Penning, International Commerce Institute, UK

“Given that this is a less central European location, the attendance has been fantastic. And it was great to see nearly 700 people at the People Development Forum on the first afternoon.”

Per-Olof Hedman, Dagab AB, Sweden

“The important lesson from the conference is the need for cooperation between suppliers and retailers. That means sharing information. I am in many ways in the middle so I get information from both. I would certainly like to come to another conference – if my bosses would allow it.”

Caroline Brassey, Fifth Dimension, UK

“I’ve never been to an ECR conference before. I think the Marketplace is well laid out and has good facilities. The conference sessions I’ve attended have given me a good perspective – they’re more balanced than at other conferences I’ve been to.”

Damian Dabkowski, Heineken International, Netherlands

“The conference is a great opportunity for people from all sides of the industry to meet and exchange views. The informal part of the conference is as important as the lectures because you can meet all categories and see what other people are doing. Packaging innovation is important for me – things we can do in the years ahead – and it all comes down to convenience and relevance. I was very inspired by the exposition of the Volvo development which put customers first. It is a lesson which can be applied to other categories of business.”

Francesco Viola, L’Oréal Saipo, Italy

“I think all the presentations have been concrete and pragmatic, and very important. The category management presentation was very helpful.”

Paul Moesch, Xtel, France

“The Marketplace is good and the facilities are great. The City Hall reception was fantastic.”

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