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ECR Europe '07 [Milan]


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Plenary sessions

PL1 - 2016: The Future Value Chain

PL2 - What innovation for sustainable growth (script)

PL2 - Making the most of GDS

PL2 - A beautiful growth

PL3 - The inflection point

PL3 - The growth challenge

Mini-plenary sessions

MP1.1 - Serving the shopper through innovative demand-side relationships

MP1.2 - Efficient supply chain management: serving the consumer – growing our business

MP1.3 - People development: attracting and developing staff for better shopper satisfaction

MP2.1 - The value chain of the future: the consumer is boss!

MP3.1 - Data quality and data synchronisation equals business value

Breakout sessions

BO2.2 - Bar codes: new perspectives and developments

BO2.3 - Unlocking the profit potential: delivering growth through effective shrinkage management

BO2.4 - Innovative shopper experiences

BO2.5 - The hunt for real value: change the paradigm of your relationships

BO2.6 - Sustainable transport: Collaboration goes green

BO3.2 - Manufacturer and retailer collaboration - enabling growth in demand driven supply networks

BO3.3 - Optimal shelf availability: implementing new ways of working together

BO3.4 - Growing with new products

BO3.5 - Shopper-driven category management

BO3.6 - How brands are finding their place in foodservice and out-of-home channels

BO4.2 - Improved on-shelf availability and supply chain management with RFID/EPC

BO4.3 - A joint approach to shelf ready packaging - delivering value to the consumer

BO4.4 - Trading on health and wellness – fortifying the future

BO4.5 - Going upstream: a success story powered by GUSI

BO4.6 - Driving growth by sharing shopper data

Special seminar

Full retail competition in the age of deregulation: parapharmaceutical diversification as Pan-European strategic option

Debating sessions

DB3.1 - Implications of performance-based trade terms

DB3.3 - Self-scanning – the pros, the cons and the future

Crash courses

CC1 - Category Management – turning complex data into insights for breakthrough solutions

CC2 - Developing shopper understanding – a shopper 'Masterclass'

CC3 - Sell more and lose less: understanding shrinkage and using the ECR Europe road map

CC4 - Customer Relationship Management: a company project, not a marketing tool

CC5 - Optimal Shelf Availability: reduce on-shelf out-of-stocks and increase customer satisfaction

What the delegates said:

Spiros Stamopoulos, L’Oréal, Greece

"The Marketplace is excellent. It is a good place for making contacts and meeting customers, which is one of the reasons I am here. I think the conference has new ideas, though I would have liked more. It is especially helpful for new delegates."

In-Soo Baek, GS1, Korea

“The ‘supply chain of the future’ presentations were very interesting. We need the kind of supply chain that I have seen here back in Korea. It is very impressive that so many people have come to this conference from all over Europe. The Marketplace was very interesting with many good promotions.”

Nigel Bagley, Unilever Global, Netherlands

“The thing that stood out most for me was the look towards the future. The GCI report that turned thinking forward and the reaction to it was very encouraging. ECR is looking to the future and it was good to see speakers talking about how they see 2016. A very refreshing session.”

Kim Cartledge, Groupe Danone, France

“There have been some excellent presentations on collaboration. But to some extent we have heard a lot of ideas before. The messages are fine. Now we want to see evidence of more action – more results and practical case studies. The session on collaborative transport was excellent.”

Katarzyna Wicker- Zaremba, Philips Lighting (Europe) Poland

“It is a huge event and very impressive, especially the Marketplace where companies are showing off their products. The speeches of the CEOs give a vision of their thinking, but I would have liked more down-to-earth examples.”

Ingo Brauckmann, Henkel, Germany

“My overall impression is very good. I especially like the fact that sustainability is more in focus. I also liked the focus on 2016 – that was something concrete.”