The ECR Europe sustainable transport roadmap & self assessment tool


Publication Date: 2008 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe Publication Type: Tool, Case study Companies involved: Asda, Boots, Carrefour, ICA, Metro, REWE, Tesco, Bacardi, Barilla, Cadbury France Author: ECR Europe, Boxwood

by ECR Europe & Boxwood (2008)

05-pro2Road Map - "Inspiring 100's of Companies to Deliver Fewer Friendlier Miles"
This Road Map Self Assessment Tool contains a list of focus areas that relate to sustainable transport. Intelligent and varied usage of the tool will allow you to take steps in your own organisation to plan for and seek to deliver savings in the distance travelled on the road, and savings in the cost of operating transport. Sustainable Transport Road Map

In constructing the Road Map the project team have highlighted a number of challenges that may be encountered on the journey to sustainable transport.  The purpose of the challenge papers is not to provide a solution to the issues that will arise.  The challenge papers highlight the potential issues, and offer practical suggestions that will help companies to reduce the environmental impact of transport in Europe, in a way that is socially and economically sustainable. Combined Challenges...