ECR Europe Forum '08. Future supply chain 2016


Publication Date: 2008 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe Publication Type: Presentation Companies involved: GCI, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Kraft Foods, Crown Europe, Carrefour, Capgemini Author: Ard Jan Vethman, Jos Visee, Jochen Rackebrandt, Roland Dachs, Xavier Derycke

logo_berlinAre you ready for 2016? This session will focus on the future physical supply chain and the critical role collaboration will play. Discussion will centre on the changes that will need to take place, the toolkit for the future supply chain, the new integrated model and the next steps that must be taken to make it real.

Speakers: Ard Jan Vethman, Capgemini; Xavier Derycke, Carrefour; Roland Dachs, Crown Europe; Jochen Rackebrandt, Kraft Foods; Jos Visee, Philips Consumer Lifestyle. Facilitated by GCI.

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ECR Europe Forum '08. Future supply chain 2016
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