The Profit Impact of ECR - 2000

ECR Australasia 2010.09.24

Publication Date: 2000 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Australasia Publication Type: Bluebook Companies involved: ECR Australasia, ECR Europe Author: n/a

To quote from the 1999 Grocery Industry Tracking Study, "The role of activity based costing in ECR is to understand the likely impacts of new ways of doing business. However, the results of that study indicate that there has been relatively little progress with activity based costing". In view of the lack of progress in activity-based costing across the Australasian grocery industry this project was established to evaluate and trial a methodology developed by ECR Europe, for the pre- and post-implementation analysis of the cost and profit impact of ECR initiatives. This publication covers the Australian case studies undertaken as part of the project work and includes conclusions and recommendations to the industry along with an extract from the ECR Europe publication, "Assessing the Profit Impact of ECR", covering the methodology and activity wizard tested and approved for use in the Australasian market.
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