GDSN Standard Package Measurement Tolerances Best Practice Guidelines


Publication Date: 2006 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe Publication Type: Bluebook Companies involved: Procter & Gamble, Conair, GS1, General Mills, 1-Sync, Kimberly Clark Co., Wegmans, GS1 US, GS1 Mexico, Kraft Foods Author: Bud Babcock, Scott Brown, Justin Childs, Carol Edison, Jackie Jones, Carol Meyer, Brad Papietro, Rich Richardson, Gabriel Sobrino, Steve Vazzano, Mary Wilson, Peter Zaepfel

The purpose of this manual is to share with the GDSN trading partner community a recommended set of best practices and guidelines around the use of standard tolerances, which define allowable variations between stated (synchronized) and measured (actual) physical product dimensions of a trade item. These recommendations are based on the work of approximately 25 companies that comprised the GDSN Data Accuracy Task Force. These companies spent one year conducting deep analysis of internal best practices in conjunction with an industry discovery pilot that utilized data from real life supply chains.

This manual provides clarification and recommended practices for utilizing tolerances properly in the context of maintaining accurate dimensional data for products. It also supports the recommendations identified in the GS1 Data Quality Framework published in 2005. It can be located on the GS1 website at:

This manual is not intended to be a technical manual, nor does it intend to provide rules for publication of data through GDSN. GS1 Member Organizations provide excellent training and information on interpreting and applying the package measurement rules, which form the foundation for accuracy of physical dimensional data. In addition, many GS1 Member Organizations provide services to audit product data and communicate the results between trading partners. Additional details regarding the rules for package measurement can be found in the GDSN Package Measurement Rules which can be located on the GS1 website at: