ECR Europe Forum ‘11. BO3.3 - Preventing product and packaging waste at source


Publication Date: 2011 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe Publication Type: Presentation Companies involved: Asda Walmart, Booker, IGD, Muller, Nestlé, Tesco, Unilever, WRAP Author: Gavin Chappell, Cath Marston, James Tupper, Maryann Denfhy, Andrew Davenport, Nick Jelly, Simon Bailey, Andy Dawe

Supply chain waste is a strategic issue affecting business sustainability, costs, reputation and relationships. Its importance continues to grow for consumers, customers, employees and shareholders.
This breakout helps participants root out supply chain waste and save money. Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers share detailed case studies showing how they have worked together to prevent substantial amounts of waste. It addresses decisions about capacity, service levels, stock life, range, packaging design and management information.
Speakers describe their ECR UK work, which includes recruiting 34 companies to support supply chain waste reduction targets and report achievements change by change. A wholesaler and manufacturer reveals how reductions in waste are being achieved throughout the supply chain by taking collaborative inventory management to the next level; helping with the ‘up stream’ ordering of product.
Another case study showes how a retailer and manufacturer of ready meals have increased forecast accuracy by six per cent and reduced packaging material by 20 per cent and manufacturing waste by 33 per cent.
Speakers: Gavin Chappell, Asda Walmart; Cath Marston, Booker; James Tupper, IGD; Maryann Denfhy, Muller; Andrew Davenport, Nestlé; Nick Jelly, Tesco; Simon Bailey, Unilever; Andy Dawe, WRAP.
Facilitated by IGD.
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