ECR Europe OSA Reloaded... It Matters More

ECR Europe 2011.07.01

Publication Date: 2011 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe Publication Type: Case study, Tool, Presentation Companies involved: L'Oréal, Sainsbury's, Henkel, Coca-Cola, SymphonyIRI, Carrefour, Danone, Kraft, Nestlé, Colgate-Palmolive Author: ECR Europe

On-shelf availability matters more than ever. The influences on existing and new generations are changing shopper behaviour. With substantial developments in how we receive information and interact with each other on-line, consumers and shoppers will increasingly rely on peer- group opinion to make purchasing choices.
This creates a new pressure for the industry in the need for consistent on-shelf availability and requires improved collaboration and changes in attitudes.

ECR Europe OSA Reloaded Project Team set up a compelling business case plus practical solutions and real-life case studies via a new OSA toolbox showing how the barriers that appear to prevent us from making the required change can be overcome.

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