Pallet Assessment Cards, version 4.0, February 2012

Mateusz Boruta 2012.01.31

Publication Date: 2011 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Poland Publication Type: Tool Companies involved: EPAL Author: ECR Poland

These are Pallet Assessment Cards - simple tool to help in EUR Pallets management.
The four cards cover:
- EUR Pallet Types (blue card)
- features of a proper EUR Pallet (green card)
- allowed flaws (yellow card)
- unacceptable flaws (red card)

They shall be used as posters, in the pallet circulation environment - mainly during transport and warehousing operations. The PACs greatly simplify the assessment of pallets type, genuineness and quality.

This is version 4.0, published on 31st of January 2012.

PAC blue v4
PAC green v4
PAC yellow v4
PAC red v4
All PACs v4