Pallets Assesment Cards - 5th version, English edition

Anna Kwiatek 2013.11.08

Publication Date: 2012 Publication Language: English Publication Country/Region: ECR Poland Publication Type: Tool Companies involved: PKN EPAL Author: ECR Poland

Pallets Assessment Cards - a simple tool to help the pallet’s management.

Four cards contain a compendium of knowledge on pallets:
- The features of a proper pallet (two green cards) - p. 1 contains information about the characteristics of a proper new EUR and EPAL pallets (after 31 July 201), p. 2 contains tables with pallets’ markings used before 31 July 2013;
- Allowed flaws of EUR and EPAL pallets (yellow card) - contains pictures and descriptions of acceptable damages, that do not disqualify pallets fr om further exchange;
- Unacceptable flaws of EPAL and EUR pallets (red card) - contains pictures and description of damages that disqualify pallets fr om exchange and usage.

Pallets Assessment Cards, printed as posters or brochures, should be used wh erever pallets are being exchanged – especially wh ere transport and storage operations are made. They make the assessment of legality and quality of the pallets much easier. This tool is published and recommended by ECR Poland.

ECR PAC green v5 a
ECR PAC red v5
ECR PAC yellow v5
ECR PAC green v5 b