The 8th ECR Forum 2012 in Russia. CRM & Social media

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Publication Date: 2012
Publication Language: English , Russian
Publication Country/Region: ECR Russia
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: L’Oreal, Diageo, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Beeline, Metro C&C, Azbuka vkusa,, Groupon Russia, Notamedia, Hungry Boys
Author: Vladilen Sitnikov, Sergey Oseledko, Ivan Vladimirov, Mikhail Osmin, Galina Yaschuk, Vlad Tikhomirov, Olesya Malinovskaya, Julia Rubina, Elizaveta Nikolova, Lyudmila Malikova, Irina Zhdanova, Dmitry Khodovets

CRM & Social media 
The integration of social media with CRM strategics is the next frontier for organiza- tions to optimize the power social interactions to get closer to their customers.

CRM & Социальные медиа 
Интеграция социальных медиа и CRM- стратегий необходима компаниям, чтобы стать ближе к своим клиентам.


  • Dmitry Khodovets, Digital-manager, L’Oreal; 
  • Irina Zhdanova, Customer Marketing Director, Diageo; 
  • Lyudmila Malikova, Shopper Marketing Executive, Diageo; 
  • Elizaveta Nikolova, Digital-manager, Wimm-Bill-Dann; 
  • Julia Rubina, Head of brand and social media management, Beeline; 
  • Olesya Malinovskaya, Head of E-Commerce, Metro C&C; 
  • Vlad Tikhomirov, Head of brand communication, Metro C&C
  • Galina Yaschuk, Marketing director, Azbuka vkusa; 
  • Mikhail Osmin, Chief of digital sales,; 
  • Ivan Vladimirov, Co-founder, Groupon Russia; 
  • Sergey Oseledko, General manager, Notamedia;
Moderator - Vladilen Sitnikov, Manager, Hungry Boys;



The 7th ECR Forum 2011 in Russia. Loyalty Program. Loyalty – not tactics, but strategy.

ECR Community 2011.06.10

Publication Date: 2011
Publication Language: English , Russian
Publication Country/Region: ECR Russia
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: Planet Retail, Evroset
Author: Milos Ryba, Yahin Vyacheslav

Loyalty Program. Loyalty – not tactics, but strategy.
Loyalty in FMCG sector - the last fight for suppliers commitment. How to attract and hold the client.

Программы лояльности. Лояльность – не тактика, а стратегия.
Лояльность в секторе розничной торговли - последняя битва за приверженность клиента. Удержание или привлечение клиента.


  • Milos Ryba, Senior Analyst Retail, Planet Retail;
  • Yahin Vyacheslav, Evroset;


Editorial: Information enhanced Customer Relationship [ECR Journal Vol. 8, No. 2-4, Winter 2009]

ECR Journal 2010.09.20

Publication Date: 2009
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe
Publication Type: Article
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: n/a
Author: Daniel T. Jones, Arnd Huchzermeier, Alan Mitchell

by Daniel T. Jones, Arnd Huchzermeier, Alan Mitchell
The birth of the The Consumer Goods Forum marks the beginning of a new era of cooperation between retailers and suppliers across the world to collectively address the major challenges facing our industry and society across the globe. The contribution of the International Commerce Review is to ask the leading voices in the industry to articulate these new challenges, mobilise the best brains in the academic world to help develop answers to them, and report on pioneering success stories.

It is appropriate that this issue begins with three clarion calls to a new era. Andy Bond, Chief Executive Officer of ASDA in the UK, calls it the era of “democratic consumerism” in which big business must regain the trust of internet empowered consumers.
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ECR Community Forum 2010 in Russia. Consumer Relationship (Loyalty) Management (CRM)

ECR Community 2010.06.10

Publication Date: 2010
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Russia
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: X5 Retail Group, Sberbank
Author: Maxim Mozgovoy, Karina Chernikova

Consumer Relationship (Loyalty) Management (CRM)

Developing a mutual and continuing relationship between retailers’ brands, products and agreed target consumers. Improving consumer satisfaction and the performance of retailers and producers, adding value: these were the aims of collaborative CRM.


Maxim Mozgovoy, Head of Client Base Analysis Department, Sberbank;
Karina Chernikova, Marketing Director, X5 Retail Group

Управление взаимоотношениями с потребителем (CRM)

Как привлечь новых и удержать старых клиентов? Как сделать это наиболее эффективно? Можно идти разными путями, но если попытаться ответить на второй вопрос, то таким способом является CRM – Consumer Relationship Management. Основная задача, которую решает CRM – привлечь и, самое главное, удержать потребителя, т. е. построить с ним долговременные отношения.
Maxim Mozgovoy. Sberbank

Karina Chernikova. X5



ECR Asia Pacific Integrate Supply Chain through E Mart

ECR Asia Pacific 2010.05.14

Publication Date: 2010
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Korea
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: P&G Korea, E Mart
Author: Jung-Hyun ROH, Sang-Jin LEE

• Store
- Improve On Shelf Product Availability
- Reduce Labor cost
- Increase Shopper Loyalty
• Consumer/Shopper
- Increase consumer expectation for product value

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Collaborative CRM (ECR Italy)

Scalia 2010.02.19

Publication Date: 2010
Publication Language: Italian
Publication Country/Region: ECR Italy
Publication Type: Bluebook
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: GS1, ECR Italy
Author: n/a

The executive summary of the Italian Blue Book on Collaborative Customer Relationship Management.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategic approach used to identify and optimise the product offer to different customer segments and to make the gradual transition from mass marketing to one to one marketing.
Collaborative Customer Relationship Management creates opportunities to generate value with a common target consumer and to develop a reciprocal and long-term relationship between the brand, products, and common consumer targets. Improving customer satisfaction and bettering the performance of the industry and distribution, while also creating value. These are the objectives of the Consumer Relationship Management model developed jointly by ECR Italy.

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