The 8th ECR Forum 2012 in Russia. Scorecard

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Publication Date: 2012
Publication Language: English , Russian
Publication Country/Region: ECR Russia
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: Kantar Retail, PepsiCo, Diageo
Author: Vadim Khetsuriani, Danilova Angelika, Elena Chernigovskaya, Anatoliy Pogiba

The leading companies approach. Success- full cases and barriers to cooperation.

Практики ведущих компаний по релизации Scorecard. Успешный опыт и барьеры на пути развития сотрудничества.


  • Vadim Khetsuriani, Retail Insights Director Central Eastern Europe and Middle East, Kantar Retail; 
  • Danilova Angelika, National Key Account Manager, PepsiCo; 
  • Elena Chernigovskaya, Business improvement manager, Diageo; 
  • Anatoliy Pogiba, Independent Expert;


GS1 Report 2011 - How smart are our Supply Chains?

ECR Switzerland 2011.11.25

Publication Date: 2011
Publication Language: German
Publication Country/Region: ECR Switzerland
Publication Type: Report
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: IBM Switzerland, GS1 Switzerland
Author: S. Heimrich, V. Wepfer, P. Spada, R. Bürli


Forum for Cooperation 2011 - ECR Poland Conference

Anna Kwiatek 2011.10.17

Publication Date: 2011
Publication Language: Polish
Publication Country/Region: ECR Poland
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: ECR Poland
Companies involved: Auchan Polska, CHEP Poland, Colian Logistics, Neuca Group, Unilever, Comarch
Author: Paweł Pietraszko, Maciej Kubiak, Jarosław Taberski, Marcin Gałka, Sylwia Szlęzak, Bartłomiej Wójtowicz

Presentations from the first ECR Poland Forum for Cooperation, from Best Practicies Session.
The Forum took place on the 6th of October, 2011 and was divided into two sessions: Best Practicea and Strategic.

In the Best Practices Session, the speakers explained how to cut pallets managment cost due to jointly agreed standards, how to reduce transport costs with supply chain sharing and how to benefit most form Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - in terms of e-invoicing.


Invitation to the ECR Workshop "Effective Cooperation between Retailers and Suppliers"

ECR Czech-Slovak 2011.08.17

Publication Date: 2011
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Czech & Slovakia
Publication Type: Article
Publisher: CZ-SK ECR
Companies involved: n/a
Author: Katerina Tepla

Invitation to the upcoming event.


ECR Europe Forum ‘11. BO1.1 - Supply chain consolidation is the world


Publication Date: 2011
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: Capgemini, ECR Europe, Heinz, Kraft Foods, Kühne & Nagel, Meralliance, Unilever, University Eindhoven/Dinalog
Author: Dennis Wereldsma, Xavier Hua, Tom Tillemans, Andrea Szucsany, Tim Beckmann, Laurent Jamier, Fokke van der Veer, Tom de Kok

Looking around Europe for the best practices in supply chain management, one thing in particular is seen to be enabling further reductions in inventory, transport costs and CO2 emissions – supply chain consolidation. This session focuses on this topic and show what is new.
Companies participating in the the Future Supply Chain group of the Consumer Goods Forum show how they explored the possibilities of a cross-border, multi-modal consolidation using road and railway transport to ship goods from and to eastern Europe. Participants in the Dutch Dynalog project are building a cross-chain control centre that uses the internet to manage an optimised consolidation process where supply and demand of transport and warehouse capacity are matched. Finally, fresh fish supplier Meralliance demonstrates what opportunities supply chain collaboration can bring to small and medium sized enterprises and how they, with ECR France, seized them.
Speakers: Dennis Wereldsma, Capgemini; Xavier Hua, ECR Europe; Tom Tillemans, Heinz; Andrea Szucsany, Kraft Foods; Tim Beckmann, Kühne & Nagel; Laurent Jamier, Meralliance; Fokke van der Veer, Unilever; Tom de Kok, University Eindhoven/Dinalog
Facilitated by ECR Netherlands.
Download Presentations:
Future Supply Chain in Action: Multi Modal Transport Sharing (TCGF/Capgemini)

Towards a Collaborative FMCG Value Chain (Unilever)

A SME's Supply Chain Roadmap (Meralliance)


ECR Europe Forum ‘11. BO2.1 - Collaborative inventory optimisation


Publication Date: 2011
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: 4flow, Colgate Palmolive, Metro Systems, Unilever
Author: Sören Hagen, Andreas Kick, Antonio Bianchi, Eberhard Braun, Ettore Piccirillo

This breakout session explores new inventory strategies aimed to decrease end-to-end inventory, from supplier warehouse to retailer shelf, taking into account retailer/supplier inter-dependencies and overcoming the traditional unilateral approach while maintaining speed to shelf, high availability rates and an overall sustainable business performance.

Delegates will see the latest ECR inventory optimisation project results where 16 companies from the consumer goods sector helped to identify new approaches in reducing supply chain inventories collaboratively. A conceptual framework will be presented as a roadmap from the initial idea to the implementation of an improvement action plan in an FMCG environment.

This session will provide delegates with a new perception of inventory in the supply chain. Learn how both sides, retailer and supplier, can benefit equally from collaborative approaches.[CUT]

Speakers: Sören Hagen, Andreas Kick, 4flow; Antonio Bianchi, Colgate Palmolive; Eberhard Braun, Metro Systems; Ettore Piccirillo, Unilever.

Facilitated by ECR Europe and 4flow.

Download Collaborative inventory optimization - an end-to-end perspective Presentation


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