ECR Europe Forum ‘09. Inventory management [Crash Course]


Publication Date: 2009
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe
Publication Type: Presentation
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: Institute of Logistics and Warehousing
Author: Stanisław Krzyżaniak

logo_forumHave you ever seen a company keep no inventory at all yet guarantee uninterrupted production and meet its customer expectations on product availability? Unlikely.
Despite numerous concepts and solutions focused on inventory reduction, this issue remains critical in many companies. So it pays to know more about it. This crash course will give you a short review of IM concepts and IM’s role in supply chains and, particularly, ECR solutions.

Facilitated by Institute of Logistics and Warehousing and ECR Poland.Download Inventory management


Reusable Transport Items – Organisational recommendations (2003)


Publication Date: 2003
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe
Publication Type: Bluebook
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: n/a
Author: n/a

by Centrale für CO-organisation - CCG (2003)

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Reusable Transport Items (RTI), crates, pallets and roll cages, represent the "Nuts and Bolts" of the European Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Supply Chain. At the end of the previous millennium an increasing variety of equipment, managed in a variety of different ways, was used to handle an expanding catalogue of products, all with the aim of reducing supply chain costs for individual elements within the total supply chain. But different incompatible management systems for RTI have led to market fragmentation and supply chain inefficiencies - standardised methods are needed to organise their distribution and return.

RTI are considered as assets, which need to be tracked & traced through the supply chain to enable their efficient use for all involved parties. RTI may have commercial implications if they are subjected to deposits or fees related to their use. For invoicing purposes RTI have to be accounted separately. To do this, a unique identification of RTI and standardised communication of the related information is required. This report explains how the EAN.UCC-system should be used for this purpose.


Integrated Suppliers – ECR is also for suppliers of ingredients, raw materials & packaging


Publication Date: 2000
Publication Language: English
Publication Country/Region: ECR Europe
Publication Type: Bluebook
Publisher: n/a
Companies involved: Iggesund, Impress, AssiDomän, Kraft Foods, Repsol, Kappa SSK, Quest International, Johnson&Johnson UK , Impress, Loders Croklaan, Procter & Gamble, Henkel, Douwe Egberts Nederland, Dapsa, Grolsche Bierbrouwerij Nederland, Karl Höll, EAN France, Van Leer Packaging Worldwide, CCG, Smurfit Europe, Kimberly-Clark Europe, Bestfoods Benelux, Akzo Nobel Coatings, EAN International, Fraunhofer AVK, AIM - ECR Europe, Fraunhofer Applications Center for Transport Logistics and Communications Technology (AVK)
Author: S. Amara, M. Lefers, L. Lally, K. Kompa, R. Jimenez, F. Jimenez , E. Evans, S. Eckert, A. de Groot, K. Davies, W. Crul, T. Clarke, J-P. Cabri, D. Betrán, S. Berndsen, P. Bailey , R. Ashford, C. Lewis , F. Volland, B. van Triest, R. van der Tweel, P. Tottman, H. Teygeler, R. Sarx, S. Ritter, G. Ried, E. Renon, J. Rautert, J. Owen, P. Oltersdorf , A. Molenkamp, L. Matamoros, S. Lister, G. Owens, R. Zimmermann, A. Stein, G. Prockl , P. Klaus, S. Distel, A. Baresel, K. Recke

by Fraunhofer Applications Centre for Transport Logistics and Communications Technology (2000)
pub_2000_integrated_suppliers_blue_book-1Click here to download

Integrated Suppliers is a concept for improving the part of the supply chain between manufacturers and their tiers of suppliers of ingredients, raw materials and packaging. By sharing information both parties are able to exercise judgement on costs, quantities and timing of deliveries and production in order to streamline the product flow and to move to a collaborative relationship. The goal of this booklet is to promote the application of the key concepts of Integrated Suppliers in the supply chain. Based on existing case studies spread over Europe and supply chain theory it is demonstrated that suppliers play an important role in "working together to fulfil consumer wishes better, faster and at less costs".


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