OSA Hybrid Platform - is a service for insuring on shelf availability, working in real time and bringing measurable results:
- growth in turnover for both retailer and supplier
- optimization of operating costs

The service provides:
- information about the on the shelf availability in real time;
- operational notifications of anomalies;
- a convenient infrastructure for determining the causes of Out-of-Shelf (OOS) and their elimination;
- qualitative data about the goods (the Uniform Catalog of master-data, gradual introduction).

The heart of service is a hybrid platform that unites technologies:
- processing of Big Data
- machine learning in real time (Data Sensing)
- Image Recognition technology
- Store shelf business simulation.

OSA HP has successfully been working in Eastern European market. Among service clients are: Metro Cash&Carry, Auchan, Магнит, X5 Retail Group, Dixy Group, Verniy, Monetka, PepsiCo, Danone, Mars, Coca-Cola, Unilever, L'Oréal, SunInBev, JTI, Efes and others.

ECR OSA HP has become a standard for Russian market.  Please, contact project manager Maria Neuvazhaeva for joining and further questions.

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ECR Russia offers a service for the exchange of complete and verified master data of goods between suppliers and retailers: the electronic catalog RUSCAT.

Visibility and effective cooperation
The requirements for master data transferred between the suppliers and retail networks were agreed by all market participants within the ECR Russia working groups in Russia. Examples of transmitted data can be:
- product characteristics: barcode, name, category and component lists, for example, for online trading.
- logistic data: types of packaging, dimensions, weight and information about dangerous goods
- billing information: VAT rate

RUSCAT helps to improve the quality of data and processes. Among the advantages of its use are:
- Reduction in the number of errors in orders and documents for payment
- Increasing the speed of data refresh
- Reduction of the time for the allocation of shelf space
- Improvement of the on shelf availability
- Efficient use of storage space and distribution centers
- Optimal use of space during transportation
- The possibility of advanced analytics
- Reliable billing information
- Low cost of product registration

Please, contact project manager Maria Neuvazhaeva for joining and further questions.

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The world's only business simulator for category management includes:
1. Skills training
2. Full involvement
3. Errors that cost nothing
4. Results of decisions with the prospect of up to 3 years.

After passing the program you will professionally manage the category:
1. Effectively combine category roles
2. Apply strategies and tactic of category growth
3. Will be able to take into account the needs of customers
4. Understand how "captaincy" can help or hinder
5. Know the specifics and limitations of CatMan

For participation, please contact Maria Malygina: