1147 delegates, 88 speakers and 48 presentations accumulated the 11th Annual ECR Forum, which took place June 2-3, 2015 in Moscow.Joint business-planning, successful CatMan projects, new methods of OSA improvement and omni-channel retail were in focus at the ECR Forum. 

For the first time in the Forum history the chief executives of leading retailers and manufacturers made cojoint presentations on collaborative projects. 
Joint business planning and partnership aimed at shopper engagement and cost reduction were the topics of presentations of:
Pieter Boone, ECR Russia Board of Directors Co-Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Metro Cash&Carry Russia,
Silviu Popovici, ECR Russia Board of Directors Co-Chairman, President, PepsiCo Russia,
Maurizio Patarnello, CEO Nestlе Russia & Eurasia, Nestlė,
Jan Dunning, Chief Executive Officer, Lenta,
Jorn Arnhold, Supply Chain Director, Lenta,
Ilya Yakubson, President, Dixy Group,
Valery Schapov, President of Mars LLC.

Misunderstandings about the future of retail dispelled in his bright presentation Mark Taylor, the world wide respected expert in FMCG retail, author of the best-seller “Who killed Category Management. Mark encouraged companies to build up their own trends instead of following the mainstream. His major recommendation is to focus on collaboration projects, rather than price competition. 

How can retailer achieve differentiation and supplier make his the way to the heart of consumer, how can trading partners build up trust due to collaborative education, - all these topics were covered in the presentation of X5 Retail Group and JTI in their joint presentation “The ECR best practices”.
At the same session PepsiCo Russia and Dixy shared their experience of using master-data catalogue Ruscat, which will enable these companies to enhanse significantly efficiency of assortment data processing, and optimise many business processes. 

How to turn to good advantage off-line and on-line trade, how to manage BigData and refine supply chain for omni-channel retail - you could have learnt from the presentations of Azbuka vkusa and Eldorado. L’Oreal shared it’s successful experience of online CatMan. And Gett reported of entering the new markets of on-demand services - delivery of pizza, sushi and manicure in five minutes. 

At the end of the second day there were announced the winners of ECR Award: Efes and X5 Retail Group in the category “Shopper engagement”, Lenta and Unilever,  X5 Retail Group, Baltika and PepsiCo shared the first place in the category "Supply chain management”. MetroCash&Carry и Colgate-Palmolive were ranked first in Enabling technologies and e-invoicing. 

At the ECR board of Directors, which took place on the 2nd of June, the priority activities of the association were determined:
1) Understanding the business model of your trading partner and talent development (Job Swap, Business Simulations, ECR Academy);
2) Operational exellence: Collaborative On Shelf Availability and the development of industry Master Data Pool RUSCAT;
3) New technologies implementation: Omni channel and Big Data;


The Forum summed up the work of community during the whole year - we learned a lot about the results of already implemented projects and the plans of the companies for the upcoming period. Thank to all who took part in the event!
See you soon at the new ECR conferences and committee gatherings!
Follow our announcements and participate in our activities. 
It’s time to collaborate and win win win. Let’s show our paces! 

The Forum photo-report
The presentations of the Forum

Sustainability Best Practices

ECR Asia Pacific launch Sustainability Best Practices in Asia Pacific

7 th  Dec 2013

Every single one of us has a role to play in saving our planet. I was delighted when I heard that the ECR Asia Pacific team has set up a sustainability committee to share best practices in this important area because I believe this is one area in which we can collaborate far more than some other areas.
And if manufacturers and retailers can collaborate on sustainability and share best practices, what an impact we can have on saving our planet.”
Scott Price President and CEO Wal Mart Asia

ECR Asia Pacific is excited to announce the publication of the Sustainability Best practices booklet.  The report was initiated by a committee set up in 2011 by Wal Mart, Procter&Gamble and Accenture and contributed to by all ECR Asia Pacific members.
The booklet is intended to be a great example collection of ECR Asia Pacific’s 4 focus areas—strategy, product, consumer, employee- which will allow companies to taste and pick different ideas and consider how to apply them in their own organisation.

The report can be accessed through the following link:

ECR Asia Pacific launch Emerging Trends Study 2013 in Asia Pacific

ECR Asia Pacific and Accenture are excited to announce the publication of the Emerging Trends Study 2013 in Asia Pacific.  The report was created by a committee  setup in 2011 between Accenture, Unilever, SAP, Wal Mart and BT.
Throughout 2013, ECR Asia Pacific conducted a study on emerging trends across the consumer goods and retail industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on a web-based survey and a series of focus workshops in Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore, the study set out to identify current and upcoming trends that would have a large impact on the industry and its consumers.
Participants ranked the top trends facing their organizations today and in 5 years time.

The study goes  through the most relevant trends in Asia Pacific with some special focus point to India and China.The characteristic, implication of each trends is discussed in details  in  the report.

The report can be accessed through the following link:

Pallets Assessment Cards - a simple tool to help the pallet’s management.

ECR Poland has published new, 5th edition of Pallest Assesment Cards. They are now available in English!

Four cards contain a compendium of knowledge on pallets:
- The features of a proper pallet (two green cards) - p. 1 contains information about the characteristics of a proper new EUR and EPAL pallets (after 31 July 201), p. 2 contains tables with pallets’ markings used before 31 July 2013;
- Allowed flaws of EUR and EPAL pallets (yellow card) - contains pictures and descriptions of acceptable damages, that do not disqualify pallets fr om further exchange;
- Unacceptable flaws of EPAL and EUR pallets (red card) - contains pictures and description of damages that disqualify pallets fr om exchange and usage.

Pallets Assessment Cards, printed as posters or brochures, should be used wh erever pallets are being exchanged – especially wh ere transport and storage operations are made. They make the assessment of legality and quality of the pallets much easier. This tool is designed, published and recommended by ECR Poland. PAC are ready to download in pdf format from ECR Poland web site. Here is direct link: PAC_5th_edition

In case of any questions please contact

Эволюция Категорийного Менеджмента в России

29 Октября 2013 г. состоялась Третья Ежегодная Конференция ECR “Эволюция Категорийного Менеджмента в России”. 
В этом году мероприятие посетило более 400 профессионалов индустрии.
В рамках Конференции прошли сессии по тематикам: Категорийный Менеджмент, Shopper Marketing и Эффективное Промо. Докладчики поделились уникальными  разработками и концепциями по работе с категорией и удовлетворению потребностей покупателя. Иностранные спикеры из компаний Teradata, Nielsen и Danone рассказали о зарубежных практиках и представили международный опыт.
Особый интерес аудитории вызвала Панельная Дискуссия с Директорами крупнейших ритейлеров российского рынка – X5, METRO C&C, Dixy, O’Key, Лента, Эльдорадо. В рамках Дискуссии, исполнительный директор ECR,  Максимилиан Мусселиус рассказал о том, что такое  честный Категорийный Менеджемент и представил вниманию аудитории этический кодекс Категорийного Менеджмента, разработанный ECR.Участники также обсудили какие задачи стоят перед Категорийным Менеджментом. какие существуют барьеры и пути их преодоления, а также отметили ключевые тенденции развития Промо в России.

Уважаемые коллеги, мы всегда открыты к новым идеям, интересным предложениям, поэтому нам  важно знать ваше мнение о проходящих мероприятиях. Благодаря вашим отзывам, мы сможем сделать  мероприятия по-настоящему полезными и результативными. Оставить отзыв и оценить мероприятие Вы можете перейдя по ссылке.

Более подробно о конференции: программа, презентации.

Фотографии с Конференции вы можете найти на нашей странице в Facebook.

Конференция "Эволюция Категорийного Менеджмента в России"

Уважаемые коллеги,

Приглашаем Вас посетить Третью Ежегодную Конференцию ECR "Эволюция Категорийного Менеджмента в России", которая пройдет 29 Октября в Москве.

Лучшие мировые практики в области  изучения покупателя  и управления спросом.  Зарубежные специалисты по категорийному менеджменту.

  • Категорийный менеджмент
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Эффективное промо

В рамках конференции пройдет дискуссионная панель “Категорийный менеджмент сегодня.Состояние. Тенденции. Вызовы”

Основные направления дискуссии: Категорийный менеджмент и Эффективное промо.

К участию приглашены:

Дикси - Леонид Гутин - Директор Управления Планирования Ассортимента
Х5 Retail Group - Денис Васильев - Директор по закупкам
Лента - Екатерина Лобанова - Директор по закупкам
О’КЕЙ - Вадим Корсунский - Коммерческий Директо
METRO C&C - Паскуале Никастро - Дивизионный Директор Департамента Закупок
Ашан - Дидье Ларронд-Ларретч - Директор по Предложению Товаров ТШП и СП (Выкладка)
Эльдорадо - Ольга Савушкина - Директор по Маркетингу 

ECR предлагает Вам уникальную возможность задать наиболее актуальные и интересующие Вас вопросы участникам Дискуссионной Панели.
Задать вопросы.

Дата проведения: 29 октября 2013 г. 
Место проведения: Digital October, Берсеневская наб., д. 6, стр. 3 

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