ECR Italy training for effective negotiation

The set of training courses offered by Indicod-Ecr has expanded with new choices, designed especially for sales and marketing. To improve relations and cooperation between the production side and retail.
The titles of the new courses developed by Indicod-Ecr for 2012 include “Win win negotiations”, “New relationship models”, and “Negotiation: shared definitions for contract items to enable a correct fiscal treatment”. The new offerings aim to provide sales and marketing managers in the production and retail field with basic guidelines for developing their negotiating skills in order to improve relationships among partners with a view to greater overall system efficiency. The course catalogue will be published online soon ( [url=]


ECR AP Award

13th ECR Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition
16 (Wed) to 17 (Thu) May 2012
“Touching Lives, Improving Value ” Efficient Consumer Response Asia-Pacific (ECR AP) Awards 2012

The ECR Asia-Pacific Asia Council invites companies to submit cases for consideration under the ECR Asia-Pacific Awards programme.
6 ECR AP Awards 2012.doc

Latest ECR Australasia Newsletter - November 2011


• Updated and Refined Retail Ready Packaging Toolkit Launched
• Winning in January
• ECR Europe Launches OSA Re-Loaded - A Self Assessment Tool

 Download your free copy by clicking here.
Efficient Consumer Response Australasia (ECRA) is the only industry body that brings together suppliers and retailers/wholesalers to promote industry-wide initiatives in the supply chain that deliver benefits to the industry and the shopper.

ECR Hellas: Out Of Shelf Prevention Workshop

On-shelf availability has been a major concern for FMCG companies for several years now. Initial approaches have tried to quantify and understand the size of the problem, while other efforts have tried to efficiently respond to out-of-shelf (OOS) situations. Yet, there is no empirical evidence on approaches trying to prevent OOS from happening. In this presentation we present the results of a two-years pilot study conducted in Greece providing practical guidelines and empirical evidence on out-of-shelf prevention. Based on hourly POS data and updated information on store inventory, a system utilizing advanced analysis techniques was put in place to alert store personnel in case of an imminent out-of-shelf situation. Pilot results suggest that out-of-shelf could be prevented in 60% of the cases, either by proposing timely orders or by alerting the store personnel in case of an unexpected shelf sale within the last hour. The system was evaluated in three rounds, based on on-shelf availability measurements and other information, for ten major product categories.

On 23rd of November 2011, ECR Hellas is organising a 2 hours workshop regarding the results of Out Of Shelf Prevention project for its companies members.

ECR AP 2012 Conference & Exhibition


ECR Europe 2012 Conference: tough talk

Tough talk
When the going gets tough the tough get going, so the saying goes.
Well, it's tough enough right now across Europe's fast moving consumer goods industry. And it doesn't look as if it's about to get much easier any time soon.


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